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GRC - an Asset Recovery Company

At Green Recycling Company we provide recycling and disposal solutions to firms who have technology investments that have reached the end of their service life or no longer fit the needs of the company. Green Recycling Co. has helped many firms from Fortune 500 to small start ups with either the acquisition or liquidation of their telecommunications, data networking equipment, industrial and commercial generators, and critical power systems equipment. GRC is a full scale asset recovery company and critical facilities equipment removal team.

We have sources both domestic and international to help you with your technology needs either buying or selling. Green Recycling allows you to make an environmental statement that lines up with the bottom line.

Some of the green recycling services that Green Recycling Company is known for include:

Industrial generator purchasing, Industrial generator recycling and reselling, Liebert systems removal and purchasing, HVAC removal and purchasing, boiler recycling, server room recycling, critical facility equipment removal and purchasing, bulk computer recycling and disposal, electronic recycling, power equipment recycling, power plant material recycling, electronic scrap and wire recycling and disposal, industrial chiller removal and recycling, data center bulk industrial lead acid battery removals, as well as other e-recycle related services.

Green Recycling Services

You can review our services and processes by visiting the our services page or you can review individual service and GRC information descriptions using the links below.

> Generator Recycling
> Data Center Recycling
> Power System Recycling
> Electrical Control Panel Recycling
> UPS / Power Backup Recycling
> Electrical Distribution System Recycling
> Liebert System Recycling
> Bulk Computer Recycling
> HVAC Recycling
> Tape Backup Recycling
> Industrial Chiller Recycling
> NC Fire Protection Services

If you have general asset recovery needs or other critical facility equipment removal, recycling, buying, or selling questions, simply contact us. GRC is a national asset recovery leader.
  • Remarketing I.T.

    Green Recycling is revolutionizing the e-waste and Critical Facility Equipment recycling and remarketing industry by offering companies new solutions for their old equipment.

    With 20 years of Critical Facilities experience, we constantly look for new ways to dispose of e-waste in the most environmentally friendly ways and we form partnerships with other recyclers with only the best disposal methods.

  • We Save You Money

    Our objective is to save your company money by providing you with the most efficient way to dispose of your surplus/no longer needed electronic equipment.

    We offer a variety of options, all of which are aimed at helping you move your surplus equipment with no hassle to you. Not only does our team save you money by removing old I.T. equipment, we often purchase materials! Yes, we save you time, save you money, clear your space, and often pay you for the material left for dead.

  • Green Certified

    Green Recycling Company enables you to be a proud leader in the eco-friendly movement. Inform customers, employees, and those interested in learning about you that you are an eco-friendly business.

    Green Recycling Co. services empower you with the ability to apply your green-seal boldly. Just contact our team to learn about putting the green-friendly seal on your website and marketing material.

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Our Clients

  • valeo generator recycling
    Valeo (Generator Recycling)
    Green Recycling purchased generators and removed an entire power plant from their location including 2 -2000kw Catapiller Generators Swithgear and all controls.
  • fayetteville nc recycling
    City of Fayetteville, NC.
    Green Recycling removed large quantities of IT equipment from their Town hall and police Dept.
  • HP electronic recycling
    HP (Data Center Recycling)
    Green Recycling just completed a project with HP. We de-installed two data centers in Tulsa.
  • ESR electronic recycling
    ESR (E-Waste Removal)
    GRC worked with ESR; an e-waste Company out of Houston, where GRC removed 90,000lbs of e- waste from a CBRE Site.

  • cb richard ellis electronic recycling
    CB Richard Ellis (E-Recycling)
    Green Recycling Company has completed e-recycling projects for CB Richard Ellis.

  • cisco systems electronic recycling
    Cisco Systems (E-Recycling)
    GRC has worked with Cisco Systems on de-installation projects and e-waste removal.
  • T&H electrical corporation
    T&H Electrical Corporation
    Green Recycling Company has completed e-recycling projects for T&H Electrical Corporation.
  • Herbalife
    Herbalife International of America, Inc.
    Green Recycling Company has completed e-recycling projects for Herbalife International of America, Inc.
  • Technology Associates
    Technology Associates.
    Green Recycling Company has completed e-recycling projects for Technology Associates in Cary, North Carolina.
  • HH Hunt
    HH Hunt.
    We just completed a large data center equipment removal with HH Hunt which is a large reality company in VA.

Green Recycling Company has worked with many businesses both small and large and from all across our great country. Hewlett Packard, CB Richard Ellis, Electronic Data Systems, Critical Power Companies, Cisco Systems, and Integrated Power Systems just to name a few. Green Recycling has removed entire infrastructures of data centers, Liebert Equipment, UPS Systems, Power Distribution Systems, Diesel/Gas Gensets along with all Industrial and Commercial HVAC Systems for companies in need of electronic equipment recycling.